Nova Mladost is a group of skiing and mountain enthusiasts united by the shared past of growing up and learning to ski on Mount Jahorina, next to the city of Sarajevo and town of Pale. During school winter vacations, their home on Jahorina was a modest ski lodge (‘Dom’) Mladost built in 1961 by a volunteer effort of the skiing community assembled around the Sarajevo Ski Club (SSK). There, trained by coaches and ski instructors under the auspices of SSK, they developed a lifelong devotion to mountains and skiing, and learned respect for dedication, sport and nature. Until the eruption of the war in 1992 Dom Mladost nurtured several generations of alpine skiers of all levels, from the beginners to the racers, of whom some rose to skiing prominence nationally and beyond. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that Dom Mladost, from its perch facing Rajska Dolina from one side and overlooking the expanse of Ravna Planina across the steep descent towards Vrhprača on the other, effectively presided over the evolution of Jahorina into one of the principal Yugoslavian skiing centers, whose status eventually inspired the successful bid for organization of 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

Today, Dom Mladost still stands on its marvelous site, but it is in ruins and uninhabited; the sight it presents is at the same time a vestige of the spirit that animated those pre-war generations of skiers and a silent reminder of the unfulfilled promise and uncertain future of the Bosnian skiing. Hence the idea of Nova Mladost, the New Mladost, as the name for a mission to rebuild Dom Mladost physically, but also as a symbol of a broader effort to bring Bosnian alpine skiers and Bosnian skiing back onto the world scene, contributing not only to the well-being of the skiers and their families but also to the communities in and around Pale and Sarajevo.


In accordance with this mission Nova Mladost is glad to announce its first initiative, pursued in cooperation with the Ski Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2017 Summer Ski Camp for the most qualified young BH alpine skiers, to be held on the glaciers of Saas-Fee in Switzerland where they will have an opportunity to practice alongside the world’s best alpine skiers and national teams. The Summer Camp is made possible by generous sponsorship of Eddy Offermann, whose past philanthropic accomplishments are another source of inspiration for Nova Mladost. Eddy’s commitment to its mission will greatly brighten the prospects for our success.


As it pursues its mission Nova Mladost will work closely with the Ski Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as with the ski clubs from Sarajevo, Pale and vicinity, with area businesses and governments and with all individuals committed to civic values that the sport and the mountains universally inspire, aware that the success of its mission will ultimately depend on their support and generosity.



Founding Members – Nova Mladost


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